Module: StORM
global var StORMdebug = false
Variable defining the global debug state for all classes inheriting from the StORM superclass.
When true, certain methods will generate a debug message under certain conditions.
struct StORMCursor
A struct containing the current cursor information
This effectively enables result set pagination
var limit: Int = 50
Defines how many rows/records/documents to return in the request.
var offset: Int = 0
Defines the starting point for the cursor.
var totalRecords: Int = 0
The number of rows that could have been returned if allowed.
func init()
Empty initializer.
func init(limit: Int, offset: Int)
Initializer for simply the limit and offset properties.
func init(limit: Int, offset: Int, totalRecords: Int)
Initializer for all three properties.
struct StORMDataSourceCredentials
Storage for current datasource connection properties.
var host: String = "localhost"
Host, which is either a URL or an IP address.
var port: Int = 0
Port at which the client will access the server.
var username: String = ""
Username for authentication.
var password: String = ""
Password for accessing the datasource.
enum StORMDataSourceOptions
Datasource options - add options as they are required.
enum StORMError: Error
Foundation error enum container.
case database
"No Database Specified"
case error(String)
Error with detail message.
case noError
No error generated
case notImplemented
Not Implemented
case noRecordFound
No record found error (if rrequired)
func string() -> String
String representation of the error enum value.
protocol StORMProtocol
Protocol wich enforces the "to" and "makeRow" methods