Perfect INI File Parser

This project provides an express parser for INI files.

This package builds with Swift Package Manager of Swift 3.1 Tool Chain and is part of the Perfect project but can be used as an independent module.

Quick Start

Configure Package.swift:

.Package(url: "", majorVersion: 1)

Import library into your code:

import INIParser

Load the objective INI file by initializing a INIParser object:

let ini = try INIParser("/path/to/somefile.ini")

Then it should be possible to access variables inside the file.

Variables with Specific Section

For most regular lines under a certain section, use sections attribute of INIParser. Take example:

myVariable = myValue

Then let v = ini.sections["[GroupA]"]?["myVariable"] will get the value as "myValue".

Variables without Section

However, some ini files may not have any available sections but directly put all variables together:

freeVar1 = 1

In this case, call anonymousSection to load the corresponding value:

let v = ini.anonymousSection["freeVar1"]